Northwest Office

Northwest Regions

October/November/December 2018

Issue Highlights

Wood Innovation

  • Wood Innovations are Creating Important Forestry Opportunities
  • Mass Timber Rises
  • Mass Timber: Part of an Effective Wildfire Reduction Strategy
  • U.S. Endowment Brings Innocation to the Forest Sector
  • Research for Resilience at the USDA Forest Products Laboratory
  • TallWood Design Institute: Oregon State and University of Oregon Unite to Test Tall Timber
  • Right-Sizing the Future Forest Industry
  • Innovative Wood Utilization
  • Using Torrefaction Process, Low-Grade Materials Turn into a Coal Substitute
  • Mass Timber Project Hopes to Create Home Court Advantage


  • 2019 PNW SAF Forestry Leadership Conference
  • Inland Empire Exits Northwest Office Partnership